How to choose unique wedding favors

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Wedding favors with white tulles
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The choice of a beautiful and matching wedding favor, among so many designs- made of tulles, boxes, pouches – as well as many themes – modern, classic or vintage – isn’t very easy and you can get easily confused.  A key concern for all brides to be is how to match the favors with the rest of the Wedding items. Should they match the invitation or the wedding dress colour? Should they match with the colour of the flowers or with the decoration in general?

These are some of the questions that we, in Precious and Pretty, receive daily and we are here to clarify all of the above, topics which in fact are really simple.

As long as you have decided which the style of your wedding will be, that is if it’s going to be romantic or vintage or having a summer theme or any other style you like, and you have chosen the decoration, then comes the time to choose your favor. Because my friends, favors simply add up to the decoration of your wedding. They are not another accessory of the bride. So the wedding dress isn’t the one that determines the colour or the design of the favors and of the rest of the accessories. What determines the design and the colour of the favors you will choose is the wedding style, the décor and in general the colors of the adornment. 

For this reason, if you have decided to share the favors at the church, then they should much the flowers and the decoration of the church.  If again, your choice is to place them on the reception tables, then they should match perfectly with the decoration on the tables.

A favor is indisputably one of the most important accessories of your wedding, because it wraps around koufeta, which symbolizes the “sweetness” that we wish that the new beginning of the couple’s life will have.  It is also a souvenir from your wedding, which all the guests will take with them, for that it should be really special and unique….

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