I am Xanthianna and I would love to share with you a really simple idea about Wedding, Christening and everything else valuable in our Life:

“One doesn’t have to be rich or famous, as long as he is “Precious and Pretty” in someone else’s eyes!...” Imagine the adoration with which parents look at their baby, just before getting the priest’s blessing in the font. Remember the glances of love that couples in love exchange, just before having their lives joined forever. It’s as if they say to each other: “You are the most Precious and Pretty person in my life!...”

These thoughts are the only safe “path” to a successful Wedding and Christening ceremony, that led me to create “Precious and Pretty”.

All the accessories that you will find “browsing” through the website are carefully selected one by one to highlight the authenticity and the intensity of feelings, that only moments like these can trigger.

During the last few years, I have helped hundreds of couples to create the appropriate “atmosphere”, that suits their taste, their needs and their dreams. I have learned to pay attention to any detail that will make a difference. To respect money and time so as to adjust my proposals accordingly. I feel so lucky that professionally I do something I love and I am extremely happy to be able to make a slight contribution to the new lives people around me want to build.

Through Precious and Pretty I hope I will get a chance to return to all of you, as much of the love and trust you have shown me during my first challenging steps, by suggesting tasteful solutions in reasonable prices.

Our website is enriched daily with new suggestions, based on the market trends, as well as on your own ideas. Handmade wedding and christening favors-bombonieres, particular invitations, handmade wedding stefana crowns, ceremonial candles, baptismal apparels and shoes that will give color, tone and rhythm to the melody of your happiness.

My commitment is that I will keep a personal contact with each and everyone of you – through phone, by email or up close if distances allow it – so as to give you any advice, information or comprehensive solution to all matters that have to do with organizing a ceremony and the appropriate accessories for a wedding or a christening.

Thank you for visiting.



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