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Weddings and the olive tree symbolism


The story of the olive tree-the symbol of fertility and peace-also one of the most popular wedding themes, has its roots in ancient Greece. Ever since the Greek myth wants the ancient Athenians to pick a present for Goddess Athena – the olive tree that grew on the rock full of fruit – as the symbol that also gave their city its name, an unbroken thread had begun waiving. A thread that unites Greeks up today with the sacred olive tree, in the arms of which they find a silent force and a genuine hope for the future.

Therefore effortlessly, almost magically, even today in Greece many young couples when they decide to unite their lives with the Sacrament of Matrimony, they choose for their wedding the olive tree, this primary symbol of peaceful coexistence, as a reference point, not only at the wedding ceremony but mainly in the life they want to build together.

  A shared life which they imagine it will be fruitful and resistant through difficulties, like the lofty stature of the Olive tree, but with finesse and tastefulness like the precious olive fruit and the blessed olive oil!

The olive today can “lift off” the atmosphere of the wedding, it can transform all the accessories of a ceremony into small works of art and can “unite” spiritually and mentally the bride and the groom, as well as the couple with their guests!

The “magic” of a wedding which has the olive as the main element has captivated intended spouses all over the world during the last decades. And they are not wrong!
Their dreams can nest in its branches and their worries can settle down its shade.
Furthermore, having the Olive adding discreet elegance at the wedding’s accessories, the bride and the groom are making the absolute stylistic choice, since “olive” and “all-time classic” have become identical meanings.

Buy our beautiful burlap olive favors here


Greek Wedding Crowns | Orthodox Stefana | Koufeta | Greece

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