Olive Wedding Theme Decoration

In Greece one of the most popular wedding themes is olive. The ancient Greek symbol of peace, wisdom, hope, fertility, light, health, and wealth. It is a perfect wedding idea for any couple starting a new life together. Also, olive leaves make an amazing accent for your wedding decor.

Below you may find the most beautiful wedding sets of our unique collection of crystal wine glasses, champagne glasses, decanters and stefana, all decorated with handmade porcelain olive leaves.


Wedding decanter wine glass lace and olive leaves N653

wedding set with ivory lace and olive

Crystal decanter and wedding wine glass set, embellished with ivory lace and olive leaves. Decorative koufeta for the tray with the same design.

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Greek olive stefana and champagne glass set A1214

Amazing wedding stefana handmade of porcelain olive and gold leaves in vintage style. Bronze antique style tray and crystal wedding champagne glass, both decorated with the same design with the stefana. 

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Crystal wedding decanter and champagne glass N650

Decanter and champagne glass for weddings

Olive themed wedding set that includes a crystal decanter, a crystal champagne glass and handmade wedding crowns (stefana). 

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