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Impressive Christening invitations castle princess C801

princess and castle christening invitations for girl
Impressive Greek Christening invitations castle princess for your little princess.  An elegant invitation with the castle of the princess pattern in pink-yellow color finished with fuchsia satin ribbon.   The matching envelopes are square fuchsia rice paper and your bespoke invite is printed in plain black color.    Size: 16 x 16 cm.

Choose the wording of the invitation here.

Unit price: 1, 75 euro (including VAT). Total Price: 43 euro (including VAT)


Baptism suit for boys A4111

christening suit for boy
Baptismal boyish suit for winter baptism. The set includes a shirt, jacket, trousers and hat. The jacket is woollen in gray-blue with beautiful burgundy details on the buttons, perfectly combined with burgundy pants with belt and burgundy hat. The shirt is white with small beautiful pots. The set is adorned with a scarf and a wooden bow tie.

Price of set:                  VAT included


Baptismal winter clothes for boys A4101

winter christening clothes

winter christening clothes

winter christening clothes
Winter baptismal clothes kit for boy. Exquisite Montgomery coat in blue or gray. It has a hood with a furry finish and very beautiful bichromes in the pockets and sleeves. It is combined with burgundy, blue or brown trousers with blue straps and a nice white shirt with small blue pots, and blue velvet or brown wooden bowtie.

Price of set:              VAT included


Winter baptismal suit for boy A4110

christening suit for boy

Christening suit for winter baptism, for boys.  The jacket is woolly blue plaid, with small brown details that make it extremely stylish. Combines with brown trousers accompanied by a beautiful blue belt, a white shirt with small blue motifs, and a wooden brown bow tie.

Price of set:        VAT included


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