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Wedding invitations with exotic flowers E1710

exotic flowers wedding invitations

Exotic wedding invitations with colorful intense flowers, cool and stylish. The names of the honeymoon and the wording  of the wedding details are printed in modern green color. With the same tropical pattern is made the reception card, for those who want to include it in their invitations.

The invitation is combined with  a white rectangular classic envelope.

Unit price 1,45 euro. Printing costs  65 euro total

Reception cards 42 euro total.

*VAT included. Shipping cost not included. 


Unicorn christening invitations C1703

baptism invitations with unicorn
A fairytale girl's baptismal invitations with beautiful colored stars and a beautiful unicorn painted on its front page, and the baby's name on the other side of the card  written in gold letters. It fits perfectly with the classic rectangular envelope in pale pink color.

Unit price: 1,55 euro.  Printing cost 43 euro total.\

*VAT included. Shipping cost not included. 


Christening invitations with fairy girl C1701

fairy girl baptism invitations
Romantic baptismal invitation for your little princesses, with a beautiful fairy in shades of pink printed on a white background and beautiful vintage font. It fits perfectly with a classic envelope in a pale pink color.

Unit price: 1,55 euro. Printing cost 43 euro total.

*VAT included. Shipping cost not included. 


Baptismal invitations star theme for twins C1702

star theme baptism invitations for twins
Baptism invitations for twin babies,  star-shaped, in baby blue soft color and beautifully painted two little boys on a star, below the children's names on a blue background. The wording text of the baptism is printed with vintage font in blue and gold on a white background.

The invitation is combined with a baby blue envelope.

Unit price: 1,50 euro. Printing cost 43 euro total.

*VAT included.  Shipping cost not included. 


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